A few weeks ago, I was thrilled to be a guest on The Postcard Academy. Sarah Mikutel and I are now podcast buddies (and, as it happens we are North London neighbours!). So I was so pleased when Sarah agreed to come on to my podcast. Sarah set up The Postcard Academy podcast as an excellent resource for people who have taken the leap and made the move to another country. Having lived in numerous locations, Sarah has a wealth of valuable insight into the expat lifestyle, and some essential tips on how to be a successful expat.

All photographs on this post come courtesy of Sarah.

How to move to a new country

Chatting to Sarah made me realise that we all feel a bit terrified about upping sticks and moving to another country. Especially when we don’t speak the language! Sarah did just that. Having already spent some time in the UK (Sarah is American), she subsequently moved to Italy. She didn’t speak fluent Italian when she got there but made a huge success of her time there, and made some lifelong friends.

You can listen to the full episode below or click here to listen via iTunes.

How to be a successful expat

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The people we meet as an expat

I love Sarah’s ethos about keeping an open mind. Moving abroad can seem so daunting but sometimes we just need to take a chance and take the plunge. Sarah shares her top tips on how to meet people in a new city, plus the best ways to acclimatise in your new surroundings. I also love Sarah’s thoughts on accepting different cultures and embracing a new way of life.

I really think that the world would be a more peaceful place if everyone had the opportunity to live abroad

How to be a successful expat

How to live in another country on a budget

Sarah shares her insider tips on how, if we can go with an open mind, we can live in another country without selling all of our worldly possessions, or saving up thousands of dollars! There are plenty of options for those of us who want to try it out before committing to a big move.

When your plane touches down, you’ll probably going to think ‘What am I doing!?’.. Just know that that’s completely normal, but after the first few days, you’ll really start to feel at home.

I loved talking to Sarah and honestly feel she is a kindred spirit! I love how open she is to new experiences and how we can all learn something from each new culture we encounter. And I’d love to hear about your stories of expat life too!

Don't forget to check out The Postcard Academy podcast. Sarah has some amazing guests, sharing their experiences from different countries around the world. Thanks so much Sarah! x

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