Just to be totally upfront, I was given this speaker to review from POW, however, all opinions below are my own and I would never promote any product I didn’t love.

POW Mo Bluetooth speaker review

So when the guys at POW got in touch I was intrigued. For me, travel and music go hand in hand. I even take it to the nerdiest level of creating destination themed Spotify playlists for my travels! Plus, my current Bluetooth speaker, as much as it had served me so well, was looking a bit tired and clunky.

I’ve tried a few Bluetooth speakers over the years. Some have been as heavy as a brick (hello 2009!) and some have had a flickering connection, but like any tech, these speakers are becoming lighter and more versatile. In fact, the POW Mo speaker weighs in at around the same as an iPhone, and measures 11cm x 6.5cm.

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POW Mo speaker review

POW Mo speaker review

Setting up the speaker is super easy. When you switch it on, you’re greeting by a cute ‘POW’ sound, and there is a small soft blue light. Press the Bluetooth button to start pairing. The blue light will flash to signify pairing mode. Find the speaker on your phone, then once you’re connected, that little light will stop flashing and return to a solid state. You’re good to go!

Note - I always charge anything new overnight but you don’t have to do this with the POW Mo speaker.

POW Mo speaker review

Is the POW Mo a good choice for travellers?

Short answer: yes! The versatility is my favourite feature of the POW Mo speaker. When you’re not using it, it folds down to a compact size and will happily sit in a small side pocket of your rucksack or daybag. And the range is pretty good - around 30 metres. Gone are the days when your Bluetooth speaker had to sit in ‘the right spot’ for coverage. It’s also shower-proof. I had mine in the little garden area when I went glamping and the British summer rain did no harm at all. The little magnets mean you can stick it up pretty much anywhere you go. I’ve stuck mine on my fridge, phone and even in my car!

POW Mo speaker review

POW Mo - tech spec

The clever technology of the POW MO lies in the expansion of the speaker. It pops out to expand - this allows more air to flow through, giving you a richer, fuller sound. I’d say it’s a definite upgrade from my current speaker.

There’s also a magnetic clip on the back (included) which allows you to stick it up anywhere with a metallic surface. You can also attach it to the back of your phone too as it will fit snugly on to any device.

The battery life is good too - around 7 to 8 hours before you need to charge it up again, and there is a USB-C charging cable included.

You can also sync up another POW Mo speaker for an all round stereo sound too.

My overall verdict? This is a great small but mighty speaker for use at home or on the road. The sound is very clear and the bass holds up well too. I think the expandable idea of the speaker is the great strength of this product and I would recommend it 100%

POW Mo is available in black or white at Amazon