In 2005, Dave Cornthwaite quit his job as a graphic designer and has not looked back since. So far, he has completed 14 out of 25 unique 1000 mile journeys, all on non-motorised transport. This includes skateboarding across Australia, and scooting across Japan on a kick scooter named Swifty.

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Dave's ethos in life is to 'Say yes more'. So I was thrilled when he said yes to my request to interview him. When he's not travelling the world, he is busy writing books, giving inspirational talks and also nurturing the ever expanding Yes Tribe.

I interviewed Dave last year but just had to add this as a podcast episode. He is the nicest, most easy going guy with an infectious joie de vivre. We joked about how city life can wear you down and stress you out, and how easy it can be to have more adventures.