Anna Hart is one of my favourite travel writers. She has over ten years experience writing for The Guardian, GQ, Grazia, The Telegraph, Sunday Times Travel and Conde Nast Traveller. She is also the contributing travel editor of Stylist Magazine. This episode was recorded a few months ago in sunny Margate, but I just had to create a podcast episode as Anna has such wit and wisdom when it comes to solo travel.

Anna and I met up in Cliffs. A welcoming cafe, yoga space and record store. She welcomed me with a warm hug, a cup of tea and a dreamy slice of chocolate courgette cake.

We had such a lot to talk about and Anna is so lovely I could have chatted for hours. We talked about Anna's travels, from her first six month solo trip to Eastern Europe as a 17 year old, to backpacking South East Asia a few years later. We also discussed how travel can change you as a person, and how we can always learn something from every single journey.

I really hope you enjoy this episode. You can listen below or via iTunes too (don’t forget to hit Subscribe! 🙏