One of the biggest worries we have as solo travellers, is how to stay safe on the road. I know that I have personally found myself in a few sticky situations (usually due to lack of planning on my part). But I wish I had equipped myself with some tips and strategies on how to stay safe. 

Lloyd Figgins is THE go to person for travel safety. An international risk expert, Lloyd is a former policeman, soldier and expedition leader. He is also a regular on The BBC and Sky News, when they need expert analysis on travel security. I had the pleasure of meeting up with him over a cup of tea at The Hoxton Hotel in Holborn, Central London last week. In fact just speaking to Lloyd I feel reassured about making safer travel plans. 

In this podcast, we discuss in-flight safety and strategies if you're a nervous flyer, how to choose the safest hotels or hostels to stay in, what to do if you find yourself in an incident whilst travelling and we also discuss the essential kit every traveller should take with them.

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How to travel safe

Safe solo travel Lloyd Figgins

What I particularly liked about talking to Lloyd, was his practical approach to travel. And how we can all take very simple, easy steps, as part of our trip planning, that will just give us that insight and preparation, which means we can travel safe in the knowledge that we will know what to do if anything goes wrong. 

In his book, 'The Travel Survival Guide', Lloyd breaks down safety advice in to chapters, devoted to taking local transport, how to find safe havens when travelling and what to take with you on your trip. There are also some gripping experiences from Lloyd's own experiences, which are so well written that you will not be able to put the book down until the reach the end of the story!

This book is not about scaremongering, or putting you off travel. In fact it's about embracing the risks we face as travellers, and using our strategies and knowledge, to allow us to relax and enjoy the incredible journey we are on.

I would genuinely advise ANYone travelling to read this. Whether you're going on a year long backpacking trip or two week beach holiday.

I have learnt more from travelling, than I ever have from any education establishment, or from any job. And every time I get back from a trip, I’m planning the next one.

I also wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Lloyd for taking the time to talk about his travel advice and experience. He has seen and done so much, in so many amazing countries, that we should all heed his advice, for a happier, safer trip. I hope you enjoy this podcast. And please let me know if you have any travel safety tips in the comments box!

I truly believe, that the more people that get out there, and see our phenomenal planet, the more likely we are to protect it.