Our solo female travel website is finally live - thanks to you!

Before this website went live, I was struggling with trying to choose the right kind of images to use on the home page and the about page. When I came up with the idea of putting a shout out on Twitter to solo travelling women willing to share their photographs, I did not expect such an enthusiastic and bountiful response! Thank you all SO much. The images really bring the website to life - and are the very essence of what this website is all about - you the solo traveller. And please - keep them coming. These images will change every few days - so your picture could be popping up quite often!

The image in this blog post is courtesy of Ashley Dasent, taken at the top of Table Mountain, Cape Town. In the background, you can see a trace of the 'table cloth' - the cloud that quite often covers (and closes) the top of the mountain.

If you would like to share your pics, and are happy for me to use them on this website, please do send to gemma@girlsthattravel.com. Please note that the higher the resolution the better (feel free to WeTransfer them). I look forward to seeing them!

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Ashley Dasent, Table Mountain, Cape Town - South Africa.

Ashley Dasent, Table Mountain, Cape Town - South Africa.